Sport Betting Topics Suitable for All Punters - Experienced or Begginers.

The betting industry has grown and now accounts for billions of dollars each year. Such growth attracts more punters and more companies to throw their hats in the ring to cash in. You can tell from the number of people who have now taken to professional gambling. It’s also obvious from the numerous bookmakers setting up shop and purporting to offer the best odds in town. Why is any of this important?

As much as the industry has grown, it’s getting much harder to access facts. Almost every site seems to have get-rich-quick betting strategies. Some even claim to have found sure ways to double or even quadruple your bets. Bookies have also caught on to this growth, and some unscrupulous sites are now offering gambling services to punters. Now and then, you come across a distraught punter whose winnings disappeared in the middle of the night. Or an unlucky gambler who somehow got limited or even banned when they finally figured out how to win big!

So, while there are numerous opportunities in gambling, there’s also a need to watch out for sites that do not offer what they claim. It’s also important to remember that betting will always be a gamble. Each time you wager, you are taking a chance that you might never see that money again. There’s nobody who can guarantee a win, not even the bookie! That said, let’s get into why we created this site:

Who Are We?

Ready to meet the people behind this site? We are:

Mateo - team member


I’m from Buenos Aires and have lived here all my life. School, family, career, you name it- this city has been the hub, and I cannot imagine living in any other place. Besides, how else could I soak in the Argentinian culture if I was not smack in the middle of it? Right where the Estadio Diego Armando Maradona lies, a tribute to one of the greats. Does my proximity to the stadium make me an expert in betting? No, but my years of winnings do. Like most punters, I started small with about 3 pesos per game. Once I mastered the craft of winning rates and all that (which we will cover), my career took off. I now live off professional gambling and would not change a thing.

Matias - team member


I love the way Messi moves across the field, and every time I watch him play, I feel a deep connection to his Argentinian roots. I feel that way about every player with ties to our beautiful country. Do you want to know the secret to my winnings? – I separate my feelings from my gameplay. I know people who would rather lose money than dishonor their favorite players by betting against them. It is this subjectivity that has people losing money every day on betting sites. Bookies love such thinking because it always reduces a punter’s ability to be critical about their choices. I once backed my favorite players and teams based on what I felt, and I know how much money I lost this way. So, whenever I advise other punters, I do so from my years of experience. These are things I wish someone had shared with me when I was busy chasing losses with other bad wagers. Does this sound like you? We’ll have fun dissecting your choices and bettering them.

What Do We Cover?

We cover a range of topics suited for punters at all levels. Whether you are new to sports betting or have been at it for a while, we have something for you. Some of our hot topics include:

The Best Bookies

Have you heard of cashbacks? These incentives allow you to get all or part of your money when you lose a wager. That’s right! Some sites are willing to give you a second chance to try your hand again at a win. We will explain how cashbacks work and which sites are open to such incentives. So, while we may not guarantee you a win, we can help you avoid losing all your stake! But cashbacks are not all that we cover. We will also get into how you should choose a bookie and some of the red flags you should never ignore when working with a bookie.

Best bookies - cashback
Sport event - fifa world cup

The Most Popular Sporting Events

What sporting events do you think attract the most viewership? What do you think gets people excited? You might be surprised by the answer. We will cover some of the most popular events both in the world and in Argentina. As a bonus, we will also get into bookies that offer competitive odds on all such sports. So, if you see something that catches your eye, we will sweeten the deal by giving you some options as far as betting platforms go. While we are at it, we will also cover the football culture in Argentina, touching on the history and status of this exciting game.

A Deep Dive into the Olympics Betting Scene

You might not know this, but the Summer Olympics attract one of the biggest viewership numbers globally. People cannot seem to get enough of the games. Of the main events, gymnastics has recently gained more following, prompting bookies to offer a range of markets on the same. If you’ve been thinking of trying your hand at such bets and learning more about them, we have some facts you might want to hear first. Plus, we will guide you on where you can get the best odds and even give you some examples to get you started. Even if you are not into gymnastics, we are sure to zero in on options that might have you amped for some action.

Summer Olympics - gymnastics

We’ve got many stories to share with you, some based on our experiences and others from hard facts. Once you get the whole picture, you will realize that gambling is not as complicated as you may have thought. You will also be much more equipped to wager on sports or any other niche of your choice with the skills we impart in you. Are you ready to embark on this journey? We are!



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