The Best Bookmakers That Offer Cashback to Players

We can all agree that there are no guarantees in betting, and your wager can go either way. But what if you could protect yourself from losing your money even if you lose the bet? Is it possible? Why, yes, it is! Thanks to the cashback offer on most sites, you can now recoup your wager and avoid losing your bankroll.

What is a cashback?


A cashback, also known as a money-back offer, is used by bookies to reward their high rollers and frequent players. Instead of losing your money when your wager does not work out, you can get all of it back. Some sites offer a partial refund, while others give you the whole amount in cash or free bets. Of course, the options differ and fall under:

  • 100% cashback offers: Under these promotions, you get all your stake after you lose. So, suppose you have wagered $10 on team A winning against team B. Under normal circumstances, if team B were to win, you would lose your $10. But the cashback allows you to get all the stake refunded. How great is that? You can then spend it on another game or even cash out. Do all bookies offer cashbacks in the form of real money? Not often. Most bookies prefer offering cash in terms of free bets so that you still get to spend the money on their site. On the upside, you get to play again with your previous stake.
  • Partial cashbacks: Some bookies prefer giving their players a percentage of the initial stake rather than the whole amount. So, instead of giving you the $10 you initially wagered, the terms may stipulate that you will get half of it. You thus end up with $5 either in real money or free bets. It’s still a good deal considering you could have lost the whole $10.
  • Specific scenarios e.g., the bore draw: Some bookies are stricter with their cashbacks and insist that the games have specific results for punters to get a cashback. For example, if teams A and B are going head-to-head, the bookie may claim that you will only get a cashback if the game ends in a draw of 0-0. So, while you may have bet on team A to win and this does not work out, you can still win if none of the teams score.
  • Horse racing events: You might have placed a wager on a horse that fails to race or falls during the race. Some bookies are open to giving you a cashback for any of these scenarios and will happily offer you another chance to try your hand at another wager.
  • ACCA insurance: Punters who love placing ACCA bets cannot get enough of these cashbacks. Often, when placing multi-bets, one wrong choice affects the whole bet. So, if you place a wager of $10 on 5 teams and expect to win $80 if all the bets are right, you end up losing all your $10. Most sites offer cashbacks on single bets, but some are now open to offering ACCA insurance as a form of cashbacks. How does it work? Suppose you place the $10 on 5 teams and put up an ACCA for the bet. Assume that 4 of the bets are right, but one does not work out as thought. Initially, this would have led to a loss of $10. But bookies now allow you to get your stake back in the form of a free bet. You can use it on another game and hopefully get it right that time around.

Please note that while cashbacks may look similar to free bets, the concepts are pretty different. The latter is a promo that hardly requires you to spend money on the site, while for cashbacks, investing money in the site by placing a wager is a prerequisite.

Which Bookies Offer Cashbacks?

When choosing reliable bookies that offer such promos, you must always consider their reviews, online and offline reputation, services and gaming markets, and customer service. Moreover, you must investigate their payment methods. Having considered all these, we believe that the choices below would be a great place to start:

This site offers cashbacks to its players, especially those playing slot machines, but you can check for one in your chosen market. Moreover, it gives up to $5 in welcome bonuses and $30 in free bets, giving you even more money to wager on the site. All you need to do is register and place a minimum bet with the least possible odds, and you should be good. It also offers 5 team ACCA insurance of up to $25 if one of your teams lets you down in a multi-bet.

As one of the biggest bookies in the world, it boasts a range of markets and offers varying promotions to its new and existing customers. New customers can get up to $50 in free bets! One of its biggest selling points is the round-the-clock customer service agents who are quick to handle any queries that come their way. Besides, they also have a range of payment methods. This site also offers 5-team ACCA insurance, enabling you to get your money back if one bet does not work out. Rewards for such bets are capped at $50.

Not only does this site have a fantastic collection of sports and markets, but it couples them with competitive odds. Additionally, it has full licensing and regulation from international authorities like the UKGC, and you can count on it to toe the line. As far as promotions go, it does a lot to stay ahead of the curve. New and existing customers can currently get up to $25 in cashbacks on ACCA bets with 5 teams. This money is paid out in the form of a free bet. New customers can also get free bets that they can convert into real money by placing wagers on the site.

New players get up to $30 when they wager $10, enabling them to get even better returns from their initial wagers. Besides this, it also offers faller insurance on horses, giving you up to $25 in cashbacks. BetVictor has a similar promotion.

Are There Any Restrictions to Using Cashbacks?

Before using any cashbacks or insurance, you should get acquainted with a site’s terms and conditions. For example, you only qualify for a cashback if you invest real money in a game. Without this, you cannot get the promo, which disqualifies people using bonus bets to wager. Moreover, you must check that you meet the promotion requirements. Sites also set requirements on:

  • The minimum acceptable odds,
  • Whether you can use the cashbacks on live or pre-match sessions,
  • How much money you must wager (with minimum and maximum caps),
  • The minimum deposit amount, and
  • The markets that accept cashbacks.

Can You Win with Cashback Offers?

Sure, you can! Think of these offers as an opportunity to have your cake and eat it by avoiding incurring losses whenever possible. But to make actual money out of these offers, you must select sites that offer the sport you would like to wager on. Also, understand the terms and conditions to avoid any surprises when waiting for your cashbacks. You must also find bets that help minimize your qualifying losses to hedge the possible risks further. All the best!