The Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Argentina

Sports and Argentinians go hand in hand. As a country that’s home to the greats like Juan Carlos Zabala, Eduardo Guerrero, Delfo Cabrera, Noemí Simonetto de Portela, Lionel Messi, and Federico Grabich, it’s not hard to see why Argentinians would love sports. They are also lucky to live in a country where betting laws are not well defined. So, they have tons of opportunities to put their money where their mouths are and cash in on their hunches. But which sports are the most popular in this country?


Football game

Argentina boasts of names like Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, and Sergio Aguero, all known for their amazing skills on the football pitch. Argentinians have often taken to football betting to support their players and get some money out of it. Whether they are taking bets from their friends or using bookies, they have always enjoyed a chance to wager on football. As you may have already guessed, this is the most popular sport in the region.

Why football betting? The variety in markets! While Argentinians can always bet on local teams, working with bookies opens up a world of other leagues. These include:

  • The Premier League: If you want to bet on teams like West Ham United and Chelsea, you can always find a bookie willing to cover such wagers.
  • The Champions League: Picture 32 teams all aiming for one goal, and that right there is this league that almost brings the football world to a stop.
  • The Europa League: This league which replaces the previous UEFA Cup, has grown in popularity and now serves as one the most sought-after competitions.
  • The English Football League Championship: As teams fight to earn their place in the premier league, punters get numerous opportunities to wager their money.
  • La Liga: If you are all about great teams packed with amazing players, this competition will have you in awe.

Other competitions include Bundesliga and Serie A, which are a fraction of the football markets in Argentinian bookies. You will not have trouble finding a market. If anything, the confusion would only arise in the selection!

Horse Racing

Horce racing

Did you know that horse racing is also a popular sport in Argentina? The country boasts of Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo, Hipódromo de San Isidro, and Estadio José Hernández where fans flock to watch their favorite horses go at it each year. But what if you could wager on horses even outside the country and cash in on all horse racing seasons? With a good bookie, such opportunities lie at the tap of a button!

Horse racing markets are in plenty, and this also increases the bet types per market. You can bet on the number in which a horse will finish, the outright winner, the top three or top six, etc. With horse racing, you want to learn as much as you can about the horses, tracks, and jockeys before placing a bet. Do not forget to master the odds, too, to differentiate the fractions and decimals and make sense of the possible winnings.

The biggest markets include the Royal Ascot, the Cheltenham Festival, and the Fairyhouse Grand National. Of course, you must check if your bookie offers your preferred market. Also, check if you can get faller insurance if your horse falls during the race. Why lose all your stake if you can get a cashback?


Boxing match

What do the names Carlos Monzon and Sergio Martinez bring to your mind? To many boxing fans, the mere mention of these greats is enough to induce goosebumps. Boxing is a beloved sport in all of Argentina. After all, who does not want to sit by the ring and watch two worthy opponents go at it? With each punch and every gasp from the crowd, the game only gets better. At the end of it, whoever gets crowned the winner walks away proud, and their fans even prouder of such a fitting end.

Are you a boxing fan? If yes, you will love that this is one of the sports that does not have a set season. With 17 weight divisions at the professional level, how can you ever lack an event to wager on? Some sites focus on specific matches, while others cater to almost every market they can find. Of course, it’s always better to work with one that also includes the trending matches. That way, whenever Wilder and Fury decide to go at it, you can have a front seat to all the action and make some money from it!

What bets can you make in boxing? While the markets may vary, getting the hang of boxing comes easy even to the newbies. You have two people going at it and can bet on the number of rounds, the mode of victory, and over/under rounds. Bookies love making things a bit more interesting by offering special bets, and you may want to consider these too!


Basketball game

It’s hard not to enjoy a basketball game. As the players move across the court, dribbling and wowing the crowd with their shots, the points rack up fast. You never know which team will end up taking the win, and watching all the action is quite a wonderful experience. Argentinians, who also love and play basketball to a great extent, especially enjoy taking their love of the game to the international scene. It’s not unheard of to come across punters who are itching for some basketball action.

Basketball bets are easy to understand. Even for a newbie, getting the hang of money line bets comes easy. Just predicting which side will win constitutes a bet. Or you can get even more creative with your wagers and bet on points spread markets. When you start dealing with handicaps, you increase your possible winnings. But this requires that you research the teams and understand more about basketball bets than the average punter.

Want to make things even more interesting? Scour the hundreds of markets available from international bookies and figure out which play options are available. There are tons of opportunities for any punter who is willing to take the chance. But you will always get better results by learning on the game and starting slow before taking off at a top speed.


Handball game

Ever watched a game of handball? It’s as exciting as any other fast-paced sport. What makes it even more interesting than other sports is how fast the points can change within minutes. Because the players move fast across the field, results can have tens of points on each side. So, over and under bets do quite well in handball markets, also known as the total goals. You can also go for the outright winner bets at first, as you get to know the rules a bit better. Or you can bet on the player to score.

Most bookies have taken handball betting to the next level by offering live betting. It allows you to watch the action live, and if you see anything changing on the court, you can use it to inform your live bets. Are there strategies you can use when betting on handball? Of course, there are! Here is a simple one that can work for punters at all levels- if you cannot see any suitable events to wager on, do not place a bet. You always want to strike when the iron is hot. Else, you will end up betting for the sake, and this only increases your chances of losing.


Man playing golf

Golf is not just a casual sport played by businessmen and friends on lovely afternoons under the gaze of the sun. It’s also one of the oldest sports, and if you have the patience for it, quite a lucrative market. The average tournament takes a good four days to complete, and these are often spaced at least a week apart. So, you have limited wagering options for the most part. But if you research the players and get all the facts, you are likely to make a sound wager that will pay you for a long time. Tip? – Avoid hole-in-one bets and instead focus on the spread bets.

Where Can You Bet on Sports?

Ready to get in on the action and need a bookie to take your wager? You will find that most international bookies accepting players from Argentina offer the sports above and more in their different markets. So, if you do not want to use a different bookie for each sport, you can always use one that caters to almost every sporting need. But if you’re specific about the sports or markets you want to wager on, you can single out bookies that serve that specific niche.

Some of the best bookies in the region include:

  • 888Sport,
  • TBet365,
  • William Hill,
  • Paddy Power,
  • Betfair,
  • Betway, and
  • 22 Bet.

When choosing a bookie, always consider aspects like payment methods, customer service, past and present reviews, markets, bonuses and promotions, and security. Factor in your preferred sporting market, and you will have found the best option for you! All the best!